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13.26 Boundaries and Contact Zones

Edited by: Martin Procházka and Aleida Assmann

Volume: 13
Issue: 26


Martin Procházka , Aleida Assmann
Introduction: Boundaries and Contact Zones
Martin Procházka
"Where Is My Home?": Revival Myth and National Boundaries in Nineteenth-Century Czech and Slovak Culture
Michael C. Frank
Acculturation as Taboo: Colonialism and the Transgression of Cultural Boundaries
Ladislav Nagy
Bloody Border: The Colonization of the West in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian
Silvia Mergenthal
Contemporary English Fiction as Diasporic Space
Aleida Assmann
Spirits, Ghosts, Demons in Shakespeare and Milton
Dorothea Schuller
Transcending Boundaries: H.D.'s Pre-Raphaelite Novel White Rose and the Red
Review of Louis Armand
Technē: James Joyce, Hypertext and Technology, Prague Studies in English: Monograph 1
Prague: Karolinum, 2003. 228 pp.
→ Martin Procházka, Hypertexts for Joyce: Poiēsis as the "Unfolding of Technology"
Review of Jiří Flajšar
Epiphany in American Poetry
Olomouc: Palacký University Press, 2003. 133 pp.
→ Pavlína Hácová, Moments of Revelation in Contemporary American Poetry
Review of Suzanne Keen
Romances of the Archive in Contemporary British Fiction
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001. 288 pp.
→ Ladislav Nagy, Falling in Love with the Archives


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