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Samuel Beckett: Textual Genesis and Reception

17.33 Samuel Beckett: Textual Genesis and Reception

Edited by: Ondřej Pilný and Louis Armand

Volume: 17
Issue: 33
July 2007


Ondřej Pilný
"Whenever Said Said Said Missaid": Introduction
Mark Nixon
Solitude(s) and Creative Fidgets: Beckett Reading Rainer Maria Rilke
Dirk Van Hulle
"And Here a Word He Could Not Catch": Towards a Genetic Edition of Beckett's Last Texts
Colin Duckworth
En attendant Godot: Notes on the Manuscript
Louis Armand
Beckett / Film
S. E. Gontarski
Beckett Through the Keyhole: Voyeurism, the Scopophilic Drive, and the Appeal of Theatre
Michel Delville
Muddy Mouth: Beckett's Poetics of Taste-lessness
Review of Lilian Chambers
The Theatre of Martin McDonagh: A World of Savage Stories
Dublin: Carysfort Press, 2006. 443 pp.
→ Clare Wallace, A World of Savage Stories
Review of Donald E. Morse , Csilla Bertha , Mária Kurdi
Brian Friel’s Dramatic Artistry. “The Work Has Value.”
Dublin: Carysfort Press, 2006. 354 pp.
→ Michał Lachman, Friel's Dramatic Artistry Goes International


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