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10.19 Interpreting Machines: Aesthetics, History and Allegory in Hawthornes's Tales

Volume: 10
Issue: 19


Martin Procházka
Introduction: Mechanisms and Machines
Martin Procházka
Mechanic?–Organic?: The Machines of Art in "The Artist of the Beautiful"
Helena Znojemská
From Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress to Hawthorne’s "Celestial Rail-road": Journey as Explication and Machine
Ladislav Nagy
The Moving Pattem of Images: The Discourse on History in "Main-Street"
Michael Mack
Zionism, Law and Power: Two Prague Writers, F. B. Steiner and F. Kafka
Franz Strunz
Teta Lineks Lebensplan: Theologisches und Moralisches zu Franz Werfels Der veruntreute Himmel
Bettina Kaibach
Vom schweren Wein der Lyrik: Baudelaire, Verlaine und Blok
Graciela Maturo
Cortázar: la creación como goce y aventura
Review of Susan Bassnett , André Lefevere
Constructing Cultures – Essays on Literary Translation
Clevedon, Philadelphia, Sydney, Johannesburg: Multilingual Matters, 1998.
→ Renata Kamenická, Constructing Cultures
Review of Eva Věšínová-Kalivodová , Hana Maříková
Společnost žen a mužů z aspektu gender: sborník studií
Praha: Open Society Fund, 1999. 171 pp.
→ Soňa Nováková, Czech Feminist Applications


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