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Volume: 12
Issue: 24


Timothy Webb
Shelley, The System of Judgement, and the Reputation of Poets
Justin Quinn
Romantic Nature and the Polis in Wallace Stevens
Erik S. Roraback
Medicine, Money, Writing, Hermeneutics: James's The Wings of the Dove
Urs Heftrich
The Art of Lying: Thomas Mann's Felix Krull and Nikolay Gogol's Dead Souls
Daniela Furthnerová
The Melancholy of Stones: The Poetry of Máirtín Ó Direáin and Bohuslav Reynek
Richard Greaves
Freedom and Fracture: Desmond Hogan's A Farewell to Prague
Panos Karagiorgos
Documents: Lord Byron's Death and Its Impact on Greece
Review of Dermot Bolger
Druids, Dudes and Beauty Queens: The Changing Face of Irish Drama
Dublin: New Island, 2001. 302 pp.
→ Clare Wallace, Druids, Dudes and Beauty Queens
Review of Mária Kurdi
Codes and Masks. Aspects of Identity in Contemporary Irish Plays in an Intercultural Context
Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2000. 160 pp.
→ Ondřej Pilný, Identities in Irish Drama


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